"Crimson life seeps, despair opened pain,
helping hand saves, life restored again."

Daniel Holmes

Thank you

I am very grateful for all the feedback I get, and am especially grateful to the poets below who, as fellow Instapoets, wrote and posted these poems for me.

This first poem was written and dedicated to me by the poet rhodatripp who has been a great inspiration to me.

It is fair that our nations have different laws?
That one could snap its vicious jaws?
For something one did that is done in others
look what is happening to one of our brothers.
Fire up your laptops and do a search
read how Daniel has been left in the lurch
while we in America use marijuana as a cure
he is living a life we wouldn’t endure
Americans, please, show some support
his sentence wouldn’t stick in America’s court
Encourage him by writing him poems
and then follow on Instagram @daholmes

This poem was written and dedicated to me by the poet poetry_byh

Is it right to cage a man
because he grows a leaf that may be weed
a plant used legally in the medical league
then surely there’s a case
for everyone, regardless which country
under the sun
this all seems totally wrong.
deprived from those he loves
no family time, no family hugs
no one killed, no weapons used
only small gardening tools
like all gardeners do
time for people to intervene
this sentence seems so extreme
so with a little help
the media will have
good news to report.

Daniel Holmes was arrested in Gozo in July 2006 for growing marijuana for personal use, then forced to stay in Malta for over 5 years awaiting trial. In November 2011 he was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined €23,000. We need your help in raising awareness and getting Daniel home to his wife and little girls! Please visit the Free Daniel Holmes facebook page and his Go Fund Me page.