"While the prose deals with my personal situation I hope that the poetry is not just my voice
but is a voice for all those in similar circumstances who cannot be heard."

Daniel Holmes


Here is a selection of comments on some of my poems:

“Your voice is an echo... Your tool of truth, your messages of hope, your will to touch and taste freedom. Your personal contribution to exist within your bondage, yet look how far you reach and touch others with your strength and how life conditions us and teaches us to abide and yet to be different, be yourself and when we are we’re not conforming, it's full of contradictions. Double standard and stupid rules not one size fits all in this life. Man creates rules and those rules differ greatly from border to border yet the brave man has a voice which no man can silence.”

“It’s not great that you wait, it must grate as you anticipate another day in “wonderland” the place that holds your temporary fate, as you wonder when you may walk the land, I look out my window for the snow, and weather stormy, while you look out your window to be free. So speak freely and write as your heart walks. We listen and read, friend.”

“Beautiful and raw" - for ‘Oh big red dragon on my wall’

“Your story is remarkable and more so your dedication to writing. I love the emotional intensity of this piece. It reminds me of medieval writing. Wish you the best.”

“Amazing work” - for ‘Correction administered by corruption’

“This is haunting. Very deep and beautiful” - for ‘Plastic windows, metal doors’

“Such a beautiful piece Daniel! Well done my friend!” - for #aprilwhiskey 21 'Wild Geese'

“This definitely needs to be set to music” - for #aprilwhiskey 20 'A Certain Music'

“Truth!!! You have freedom within your head. Your thoughts bring hope in times of dread, you will be free let this be heard for life's your gift and justice served. I send you wings from overseas and pray for your release” - for ‘I Wash in Buckets’

“Loved the universe you showed us - wonderful writing”

“Such a strong soul you have… I thank you for unlocking my heart with your art”️



Daniel Holmes was arrested in Gozo in July 2006 for growing marijuana for personal use, then forced to stay in Malta for over 5 years awaiting trial. In November 2011 he was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined €23,000. We need your help in raising awareness and getting Daniel home to his wife and little girls! Please visit the Free Daniel Holmes facebook page and his Go Fund Me page.