Simple Beauty

I was walking heavy, thoughts adrift
daydreaming of the years I’ve missed
I came upon a small red flower
I don’t know the day, or even the hour

It stood alone in a yard of grey
as lovely as any words can say
Such beautiful petals covered in dew
I convinced myself that for me it grew

A vivid green stem a few inches tall
surrounded by concrete and a twenty-foot wall
Its leaves, not many, but each one exact
like hands reaching out to make my contact

True life, true beauty in its purest form
such radiant contrast to my miserable norm
The comfort it brought me to be in its gaze
the happiest day of all of my days

As long as I could I stayed near this bloom
till whistles rang out and I returned to my tomb
A few whispered words, like a prayer to a friend
this new-found solace I wanted never to end

The next day I returned but my flower was gone
destroyed by this place, and all that is wrong
Against all odds it had fought, it had won
to stand proud and glorious for a day in the sun

I still see its beauty some nights in my mind
a symbol of hope in this lonely, hard time


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Daniel Holmes was arrested in Gozo in July 2006 for growing marijuana for personal use, then forced to stay in Malta for over 5 years awaiting trial. In November 2011 he was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined €23,000. We need your help in raising awareness and getting Daniel home to his wife and little girls! Please visit the Free Daniel Holmes facebook page and his Go Fund Me page.